Video marketing, advertising & channel optimisation.

How to get more views & subscribers on Youtube channel videos ?

Youtube has become must have online channel for video marketing but its algorithm keeps evolving and YouTube has standard protocols that needs to be in place. We do channel audit & reporting, video optimisation plan, implementation, organic & paid advertising to reach goals as per the requirement.

To implement optimisation post audit, we do following upgrades: 

1. Channel Customisation:

  • Layout:
  • Spotlight video & featured videos.
  • Showcase: Videos, playlist or channels.

2. Branding :

  • Make channel visually unique
  • Profile pic
  • Channel Banner art
  • Video Watermark

3. Basic Info:

  • Channel name 
  • Description
  • Translations of channel name
  • Links
  • Contact 

4. Maximise your organic search:

More than half of your video views come from search & related videos. We help you optimise your videos to get found more often, by your targeting audience, implementing optimisation as per the YouTube algorithm.


Paid YouTube video advertising:


We specialise to run video ads on YouTube to various formats as per the requirement, to multiple views & other parameters at the best cost in market. 

We setup video campaigns, optimise campaigns based video campaign analytics and provide detail report & statistics. We also advertise video out of YouTube channel, in other social media channels & websites for next level reach. 

In YouTube we provide video advertisement in various formats like :

YouTube ad formats
YouTube ad formats:
  • In-stream video ad.
  • Bumper video ad.
  • Discovery video ad.
  • Related video highlight ad. 

YouTube advertising can be started with minimum of 500 INR, and video format is most consumed content as we all know and YouTube leads this space for serious advertisers. 

Whether you want to increase views, subscribers, sell product/service, run polls, quizzes or feedback, drive traffic to campaign landing page or awareness on your brand communication, this channel has the right potential & audience.

We take up video advertising for individuals who want to market their YouTube channel with small budgets to bigger campaigns of big brands with charges on the overall budgets, for campaign management, reporting and optimisation services.

Don’t wait, your video ad can start in 12 to 24 hours and multiply views depending on the budget. Feel free to connect.