Online reputation management(ORM):

Online reputation management(ORM) emerges to be an essential factor in brand management as website & social media has made very easy for people to publish content about experiences, reviews, general opinion, appreciations, complains, communicate with brands, suggest, alert and also leave feedbacks on social media, public forums or via direct messages. This clearly shows brand image to stakeholders and effects business reputation and revenue.  

ORM is a process of keeping a check on the brand buzz on the world wide web and engaging with them as per the case, verifying content, taking right action and resolving the same. This platform also provide a platform for engagement with the stakeholders on individual level and provides alternative channel for communication in case of breakdowns, emergencies and in general. ORM tools have made this process more organised for communication, analysis and integration with other functions in the organisations.


Online Reputation Management

ORM benefits & advances:

The setup provides business science over a period of  time after collecting measurable database. As customer is king in any business and analysing  customers experiences of not only your brand but also competitors makes a-lot of sense end of the day if done right. Picking up the buzz quickly to address the same asap and reporting all parameters over a timeline which could be sentiment analysis, issue specific concerns, marketing campaign reactions, customer care spillovers, new product launch reactions, technical feedbacks, App related issues and others. 

Smart configuration, quick capture, required segmentation & analysis of the data highlights trends which could be prioritised based on teams, departments and criticality to control negative business outcomes before it goes out of control. With the artificial intelligence & machine learning merging in the ORM system processes, workflows, dashboards, analysis, automation & reporting becomes more sensible and manageable. 

With advances, this system works in integration with brand marketing and customer support creating a fusion of operations with marketing. In the nascent stage but business analysts, IT, product team, engineering team, HR, quality, customer experience, senior management and other functions are also getting integrated as the web buzz is a real time indicator of brand health.

We have experience of setting up top Online reputation management(ORM) tools end to end and customising as per the business requirement.