Online Advertising :

Search Engine Marketing (PPC, Google Ads, Bing Ads)

Ads targeting search engines and ad directories of search engines.Text Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and mix of all formats campaigns. Mobile Ads include mobile app ads, location based ads and SMS ads.

Social Media Marketing

– Paid Ads to penetrate specific search engines, social websites(Meta, Linkedin, X, Quora), Youtube Ads and Google My business.

– Organic brand page and content plan for advertising.

– Ad network & top media channel targeting:

Planning for high impact inventories and campaign.

Creatives and Campaigns

Ideation, media plan, development, setup, implementation & management.

Digital Analytics

Advanced analytics which is customised as per the benchmarks of stakeholder to get insights into differentiators. Integrated analytics irrespective of where the data is ? from website, social media, mobile, digital advertising & other systems used in the business to highlight required insights as we all know how humongous analytics data can be and getting lost in the data universe versus benchmark data insights creates impact in decision making & optimisation.

Get recommendations based on AI(Artificial Intelligence) & ML(Machine Learning) to optimise, automate & report campaigns.

Understand which buttons are getting more clicks, how much users are scrolling, e-commerce product-customer specific data, products added to cart but not bought, products viewed, transaction data etc. any wild insight you want, we will do best to provide you, irrespective of which business you are in or which department is handling what, we are talking to decision makers.

Shopping Ad
Shopping Ads on search result.