Digital marketing services:

Its clear that search is most common behaviour of netizens & all websites want to come first on top of search engines, there is intense competition for the same. With market turning to be more local, search has modified to even be specific to locality.

Many factors are to be considered to optimise & stay optimised on search engines, we have well defined process for the same, to provide you with best results.
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Ads targeting search engines and ad directories of search engines.Text Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and mix of all formats campaigns. Mobile Ads include mobile app ads, location based ads and SMS ads. Learn More.

Ads targeting search engines and ad directories of search engines.Text Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and mix of all formats campaigns. Mobile Ads include mobile app ads, location based ads and SMS ads.

Social Media Marketing:

– Paid Ads to penetrate specific social websites, like Facebook ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads etc

– Organic brand page and content plan for advertising.

Ad network & top media channel :

Planning for high impact inventories and campaigns.


Creatives and Campaigns: 

Ideation, media plan, development, setup, implementation & management. 


Shopping Ads:

Showcase your product when users search for an item on search engine with product image, price & ratings. 

Shopping Ad Advertise product on search result.

Social media channel options are many and audience classification varies. Marketing on social media has to be organic as well as in-organic to optimally use the platform. Content & management is critical whether its content plan, content marketing, automation, listening, analysing buzz, running campaigns, collaborating with teams, defining workflows, reporting or integrating with other modules.We have expertise in providing optimum approach as per the scale of operations & business environment.  Learn More.
Websites, micro-sites, e-commerce functional websites & scalable websites with required functionalities & easy content management system to make workflow easier. Post launch upgrades, maintenance & digital marketing services are must to keep it healthy. We have a well planned process to cycle this in desired direction. In digital marketing services this is the most important function as others services are integrated with the website. Learn More
Youtube has become must have online channel for video marketing but its algorithm keeps evolving and YouTube has standard protocols that needs to be in place. We do channel audit & reporting, video optimisation plan, implementation, organic & paid advertising to reach goals as per the requirement. Learn More.
Online reputation management(ORM) is a process of keeping a check on the brand buzz on the world wide web and engaging with them as per the case, verifying content, taking right action and resolving the same. This platform also provide a platform for engagement with the stakeholders on individual level and provides alternative channel for communication in case of breakdowns, emergencies and in general. Learn More.
Websites with functionalities that provide e-commerce solutions like product management, shopping cart, payment gateway, shipping, order management, integration with other modules for data exchange and interface for easy operations. Sales brand page setup, Marketplace advertising & lead generation on websites like Amazon, Flipkart and other E-carts. Learn more
With the rise in mobile apps on google play store & Apple store, need for App optimisation is must to gain the best visibility by coming on top when user search on app stores. We understand the store platform to optimise application for search by organic & in-organic methods. We use best of tools to test, implement, analyse, optimise & report detail insights once App is planted.
We ideate campaign, develop smart communication, dynamic creatives, plan media channels, define targeting, do A/B testings to create ever-lasting impact. To measure, analyse, report and optimise we use analytics tools.
We will monetise your website or application by showing ads at strategic locations. Your website will be allotted ad units from our partner brands which will pay as per interactions factors. Learn more.
Mobile Apps are as important as website for brands,  we deliver mobile app designs & prototypes in line with the digital brand to sync with web & social. All mobile operating system compatible designs, app search optimisation and app market advertising to drive organic &  inorganic growth.  App analytics for regular monitoring, alerts, analysis reporting & optimisation. Learn More.
Original sounds & tunes to fit in creatives, videos, animations, games or any other requirement where original sound or customised beats is required to match the theme. Listen to a sample.
Digital marketing services
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